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Deer Processing            Other Custom Processing

Deer Processing
$85Cut & Wrap
$75 Just Cut

Processed Items

Fresh Sausage $ 1.50/lb
Sweet Italian Sausage $ 1.75/lb
Hot Italian Sausage $ 1.75/lb
Apple Sausage $ 1.75/lb
Smoked Sausage $ 1.75/lb
Smoked Kielbasa $ 1.75/lb
Summer Bologna $ 1.50/lb
Sweet Bologna $ 1.50/lb
Ring Bologna $ 2.50/lb **
Garlic Ring Bologna $ 2.50/lb **
Cheese Ring Bologna $ 3.00/lb **
Natural Casing Frankfurters $ 3.00/lb **
Stick Pepperoni $ 3.00/lb **
Pepperoni Sticks $ 4.00/lb **
Mild Snack Sticks $ 4.00/lb **
Sweet Snack Sticks $ 4.00/lb **
Pepperoni Sticks with Cheese $ 5.00/lb **
Mild Sticks with Cheese $ 5.00/lb **
Sweet Sticks with Cheese $ 5.00/lb **
Jerky $ 5.00/lb **
Dried Venison $ 2.00/lb **
Venison Salami Sticks $ 2.50/lb **

** These items processed February 1st or later.

Additional Items

Add Pork $ Market Price
Add Beef $ Market Price
Add Beef Suet   no charge
Grind Boneless Meat $ 0.25/lb
Skinning $ 15.00
Skinning for Mount $ 25.00
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Other Custom Processing

Cutting $ 0.40/lb
Wrapping (Hanging Weight) $ 0.30/lb
Freezing $ 5.00 per 1/2 of beef
Making Hamburger Patties $ 0.50/lb
Curing & Smoking of Meats
   (Ham, Bacon, etc.)
$ 1.25/lb

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We Also Sell

Beef by the Quarter and Half $ Call for Current Prices
Half and Whole Hogs $ Call for Current Prices

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